The Science of the Endocannabinoid System: How THC Affects the Brain and the Body | Scholastic: Nida





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HAARP– What is HAARP IS HAARP Dangerous HAARP and Weather Control.flv – YouTube

Come freely subscribe to my insiders site at The drought is government-made.HAARP can influence weather anywhere on earth. Here i…


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Get Ready for the ‘Internet Slowdown’: Amy Goodman

Next Wednesday, Sept. 10, if your favorite website seems to load slowly, take a closer look: You might be experiencing the Battle for the Net’s “Internet Slowdown,” a global day of grass-roots action.
– 2014/09/03


"Large Internet service providers, or ISPs, like Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T and Verizon are trying to change the rules that govern your online life.!

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Confused about EdgeRank? Learn about Facebook’s famous newsfeed algorithm, including several advanced tips to reach more fans.


What is EdgeRank?

EdgeRank is the Facebook algorithm that filters, censures which stories appear on the timeline. If your story doesn’t sells well then your score would be down and no one will see it.  Then FB and  the majority of our society are in mutual symbiosis.
Pure hegemonic mass democracy!
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Unplug the Signal 2011 Project: Engagement of Signal Disruptors –

Attention: All those who are able to see the TV as the control box and perception manager that it is. You are needed to spread awareness; to challenge others to think outside the box. The establishment media is increasingly manipulating the perception of current events and exploiting tragedies for the benefit of big government and multinational corporations.ÝÝ Our civil liberties are at risk as the interest of corporations are protected over those of the people; the television coerces us into adopting the views and opinions that protect interests that are not our own. It is time to share the Unplug the Signal campaign on a mass scale. By spreading the message and the image of the campaign, we can allow people to take back their minds and turn off their televisions.


The Specter of Authoritarianism and the Future of the Left: An Interview With Henry A. Giroux


The commanding institutions of society are now in the hands of powerful corporate interests whose strangulating control over politics renders democracy corrupt and dysfunctional, says Henry A. Giroux.

Rafael Ortega‘s insight:

No hope for a future of better equality and freedom . NWO is designing a new model of society,  Orwell said war is peace  – a war forcing to convert  ideologies in nothing real that double-sens. The dominant  political elite struggling for its advantages, controlling and manipulating media. Rights, justice  and freedom are now reduced to a virtual  personal dream out of reality only digital supported, filtred and controled. Slogans used to conform war and peace, love and crime, abort and liberty, euthanasia and choice. Modeling only one Institutional State of Violence  against  liberty and human rights.

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