Unplug the Signal 2011 Project: Engagement of Signal Disruptors – UnplugtheSignal.com

Attention: All those who are able to see the TV as the control box and perception manager that it is. You are needed to spread awareness; to challenge others to think outside the box. The establishment media is increasingly manipulating the perception of current events and exploiting tragedies for the benefit of big government and multinational corporations.ÝÝ Our civil liberties are at risk as the interest of corporations are protected over those of the people; the television coerces us into adopting the views and opinions that protect interests that are not our own. It is time to share the Unplug the Signal campaign on a mass scale. By spreading the message and the image of the campaign, we can allow people to take back their minds and turn off their televisions.

Source: www.pupaganda.com


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