What does science fiction tell us about the future of reproductive rights?


If everything from technology to politics will be different in the future, then so will human reproduction.

Rafael Ortega‘s insight:

No social classes, equality and control. Androids, robots. The power assume and handle all systems of reproduction in humans and animals.  Abortion is postulated by the NWO how a measure to exterminate and control the growing of humans in our society.
In the next 20 years abortion should be mandatory and also some applications of euthanasia over insane and mental deranged, delinquency, insurgency, and even old poor inadequated people. Mass media communications will convince masses in accordance and submission to these rules how one right and one necessity required.
You are free to investigate about it and choose your actions. Of course if responsible.

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Is ‘mind control’ becoming a reality?

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The experiment that may just have made human “mind control” a reality.

Rafael Ortega‘s insight:

This is a explicit and precise case of mind control but in actual fact today, chemtrails, fluoridization, radio weaves, mass media control are a lot more powerful and intense affecting masses every second in our lives…

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The First Few Minutes After Death


A three-year study will explore the nature of death and consciousness

Rafael Ortega‘s insight:

Yogis and Reiki practitioners have shows how our consciousness can be focuses out of our bodies but for science it still confined deep only inside our brains… In reality consciousness is a quantum phenomenon  pervading everything and it  solely depend on the share and span out of it.

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El 10% de los √≥rganos que se trasplantan en el mundo proceden del tr√°fico ilegal


El 10% de los órganos que se trasplantan en el mundo proceden del tráfico ilegal Los beneficiarios de esta práctica son personas con recursos de países ricos, según denuncian los especialistas en trasplante.

Rafael Ortega‘s insight:

Seguirá en aumento hasta que "El Poder" lo llegue a controlar convirtiendose en un derecho del ser humano sobre el propio ser humano. Ya existen precedentes.

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