Disinfo – Exposed

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Exposing the disinfo agents and fearmongers – John Birch Society, G Edward Griffin, Tom DeWeese, Alex Jones, Info Wars, Suzanne Posel, Occupy Plagiarism – Israel Firsters, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Wolf Blitzer, Michele …

Rafael Ortega‘s insight:

Dis Information, misinformation,  it is not a new model of mass manipulation!
Also Adolf Hitler worked with it.
"Propaganda" – This book written in 1928 by Edward Bernays is the disinformation system Adolf Hitler used to subvert the German people in World War 2. It is still considered to be a workable methodology and is still widely used as a guidline by Politicians and Media to this day. US President Bill Clinton once openly referred to Bernays as "my mentor."

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